Define computer security. Define computer security.

Computer security means protecting our computer systems and the information they contain against unwanted access, damage, destruction or modification. Three types of computer security are: hardware security software security/data security network security

We need to protect our computer from any intruders such as hackers, crackers and script kiddie. Explain briefly the different threats to computer security:

Malicious code
Malicious code is also known as a rogue program. It will cause undesired effects in the programmer’s part. The effect is caused by an agent, with the intention to cause damage. The agent for malicious code is the writer of the code who causes its distribution. There are various kinds of malicious code. They include virus, Trojan horse, logic door, trapdoor and backdoor, worm and many others.

Hacking is defined as unauthorised access to the computer system by a hacker. Hackers are persons who learn about the computer system in detail. They write program referred to as hacks. Hackers may use a modem or cable to hack the targeted computers.

Natural disaster

Computers are also threatened by natural or environmental disaster. Examples of natural and environmental disasters:
  • Flood
  • Fire
  • Earthquakes, storms and tornados
  • Excessive Heat
  • Inadequate Power Supply
  • Theft
Two types of computer theft:

1) Computer is used to steal money, goods, information and resources.

2) Stealing of computer, especially notebook and PDAs.


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