1.2.2 PRIVACY List ways to protect privacy.

Privacy can be protected by privacy law and utilities software:

(a) Privacy law

The privacy laws in Malaysia emphasises on the following: • Security Services to review the security policy Security Management to protect the resources Security Mechanism to implement the required security services Security Objects, the important entities within the system environment

(b) Utilities software

Example: anti-spam program, firewall, anti-spyware and antivirus. State authentication & verification methods/ technologies.

Methods of Authentication

There are two commonly used authentication methods, which are biometric device and callback system. Biometric device is a device that translates personal characteristics into a digital code that is compared with a digital code stored in the database. Biometric devices include Fingerprint Recognition, Facial Recognition, Hand Geogmetry, Iris Scanning, Retinal Scanning, Voice Recognition and Signature Verification. Callback system refers to the checking system that authenticates the user.

Methods of Verification

There are two methods used in verification, which are user identification and processed object. User identification refers to the process of validating the user. Processed object refers to something the user has such as identification card, security token and cell phone.


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