1.2.3 CONTROVERSIAL CONTENT AND CONTROL List effects of controversial contents on society

Pornography: can lead to criminal acts such as exploitation of women and children can lead to sexual addiction or perversion can develop low moral value towards other men, women or children can erode good religious, cultural and social beliefs and behaviour

Slander: can develop into a society that disregards honesty and truth can develop bad habit of spreading untruths and rumours can lead to unnecessary argument can cause people to have negative attitudes towards another person Describe the process of filtering to control access to controversial contents.

Internet filtering is a process that prevents or blocks access to certain materials on the Internet.

It is a process of controlling the access to the internet by means of filtering software. It is used to prevent children from accessing inappropriate material and to keep employees productive on the Internet.

The current preferred method of choice to limit access on the Internet is to filter content either by: keyword blocking site blocking web rating systems
These methods require software to be installed at a client of server level.


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